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LT20ST pot dims This potentiometer is available with 2 types of wiper carrier and the following options:

Note: If the track law is either B or C then the start of the law is obtained by rotating the spindle or edge control knob to the fully anti-clockwise position (when the knob or spindle is viewed from the face or end.)

LT20ST Type 1

Can be operated with a flat screwdriver, or alternatively supplied with a Removable Spindle which can be indefinitely plugged in and out (Holding strength > 1Kg).

Referring to the diagram:-
When L1 Removable Spindle is CAP side --|-- S1 Screwdriver Slot is BOARD side
When L2 Removable Spindle is BOARD side --|-- S2 Screwdriver Slot is CAP side

LT20ST Type 1 pot photo LT20ST spindle type

LT20ST Type 2

Having a Square Hole wiper and intended for customers who supply their own drive units for insertion either side of the potentiometer.

LT20ST Type 2  pot photo LT20ST Type 2 pot dims

LT20ST Type 3

Potentiometers are supplied with an Edge Control Knob which is available in two sizes (D30 or D40) and two colours (black or grey). LT20ST Type 3  pot photo LT20ST Type 3 dims

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