Horizontally Mounted Rotary Switches

The H-Series switch potentiometer features:

  • The upgraded switch replacement for the ECO/IL and Thin Profile ‘IL’ switch modules
  • 1A or 4A switch contacts for ECO and P20 potentiometers
  • Spindle axis height and terminal footprint configurations comply with established market standards
  • The design is based on the rotary switch module Certified by UL International Demko A/S

The IL is our slimline horizontally mounted switch and features:

  • Contact rating 1A 24V DC; 1A 250V AC Resistive Load
  • Mounted on a P16 or P20 metal can potentiometer
  • Available with or without a fixing Bush or Bracket

The images below are representative of our range. Please select one of the options below for detailed information on our terminal selection and datasheets.