ECO 2 Gang

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Eco Dual Gang

A = Initial termination
S = Wiper (or moving contact) termination
E = End termination

Rated Power Dissipation @40°C for ECO potentiometers:

0.25W linear law
0.12W non linear law
Conductive polymer (plastic) track (over twice the life of carbon tracks)

Effective rotation: 265° nominal

Technical Data

Life Expectancy of >20,000 cycles (tested at 30 times per minute)

Permissible Axial Spindle Load: 50 N (5 Sec. maximum)
Permissible Torque at End Stop: 35
Rotation angle: 300° ±5°
Detents (stop positions) Available: Centre, 11, 21

Operating Torque: 0.4 – 2.0 (Initial Torque may be higher)
Rotational torque of spindle can be made high or low

Cylindrical, Flatted and Splined Spindles available

Insulation Resistance: >= 4 Gohms

Insulation (Breakdown) Voltage: 2,500 V AC (except BR model)

Rated Resistance: E3 Series (Optional: E6 Series)

Linear Law: 1K – 1M
Non linear Law: 4K7 – 470K

Eco 2 gang Potentiometer

Two Tracks (2G) with Terminals for Printed Circuit (PC)

Eco angles of rotation