‘HS’ series Switch with P20 Potentiometer

Horizontally Mounted Rotary Switches

  • Metal Case – 20mm 0.4W potentiometer
  • Spindle height from PCB = 15.0mm
  • Terminal pitch (potentiometer to switch) = 10.0mm

Horizontally Mounted HS switch

Horizontally mounted HS switch dimensions

Switch Specification:

  • Contact rating: 1A/250V AC (BLACK switch module)
    • Normally OPEN, CLOCK-wise to CLOSE (Standard switch function only)
  • Contact rating: 4A/250V AC (WHITE switch module)
    • Choice of switch function:
      • Normally OPEN, CLOCK-wise to CLOSE (Standard)
      • Normally CLOSED, CLOCK-wise to OPEN (Option 1)
      • Normally OPEN, ANTI-clockwise to CLOSE (Option 2)
      • Normally CLOSED, ANTI-clockwise to OPEN (Option 3)
    • Proof voltage: 3KV min.
    • Housing material: Glass filled polyester (UL 94 VO)
    • Contact gap: 3mm (Full mains separation of contacts)
    • Mechanical rotation: 300°
    • Life: 10,000 (minimum) operations at rated load

Switch Function:


Standard Switch Function

Option 1

Option 1 Switch Function

Option 2

Option 2 Switch Function

Option 3

Option 3 Switch Function