Push Activated Switches

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10 Amp Push Activated Switches (10APP) dimensions

10 Amp Push Activated Switches (10APP)

10 Amp SPDT, Push On Push Off ‘changeover’ switch, mounted on an ECO potentiometer with XA terminals.

Switch Specification:

  • Manufactured to EN 61058-1 standard
  • Contact rating: 10A/250V AC resistive load
  • Proof voltage: 3KV min.
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
  • Housing material: Glass filled polyester
  • Life: 25,000 (minimum) operations at rated load
  • Switch operating force: 4 – 6N
  • Spindle travel: 3mm minimum
  • Optional Detents for tactile feel
  • Cylindrical, Flatted and Splined Spindles available

PLEASE NOTE: When tightening the nut please ensure the spindle is free to move.
The recommended torque setting for the bush nut on our potentiometers is 45N.cm Torque.

Push Activate Switch (Push Push) with Extra Long (XA) Terminals for Printed Circuit Board.

Omeg Ltd Also offer a range of Push activated Momentary (non Latching) switches

Push Activated Momentary Switches

If you require switch only with no potentiometer function please contact sales