Omeg Product Range of Potentiometers and switches

Commercial quality rotary potentiometers are divided into two nominal sizes (16mm and 20mm) and three main product groups – the ECO all plastic potentiometer and the P16 and P20 metal case potentiometers. Each range includes Switched and Unswitched versions

Common features include:

  • Conductive polymer (plastic) track giving a life of over 20,000 cycles (or over twice the life of carbon tracks)
  • Standard resistance range (E3 series: 1K, 2K2, 4K7, 10K, 22K, 47K, 100K, 220K, 470K, 1M ohm (Note: Other resistance values are available as special items on application)
  • Resistance Laws: Linear (A), Log (B), Reverse Log (C)
  • Operating Temperature -25° C to +70° C

We also supply Rotary Switches (on/off) without a potentiometer function and Servo (Precision) Potentiometers for position feedback and specialist applications.

Some combinations of Potentiometer and switch may not be listed, if you are unable to find something you require please contact sales