P20 Potentiometer with 1 Amp IL Switch

Image representative of range, see individual sheets for full details

Rotary switch (IL) rated at 1 amp and mounted on a P20 metal can potentiometer, spindle axis is mounted horizontal to the printed circuit board (pcb)

  • *OW20BU/OW1S is suitable for soldering wires
  • * XA20BU/VPC1S is suitable for vertical mounting in a PCB

Switch Specification:

  • Contact rating: 1A/24V DC
  • Contact rating 1A 250V AC Resistive Load
  • Proof voltage: 3KV min.
  • Housing material: Glass filled nylon
  • Contact gap: 1mm (and without a surge rating)
  • Mechanical rotation: 300°
  • Life: 10,000 (maximum) operations at rated load
  • Operating Torque: 2-5 cNm

Printed Circuit (PC) Terminals

Bracket Mount (BR)

With (PC) Terminals

Bracket Mount (BR) with (PC) Terminals

No Bush Fixing

Ordinary Wiring (OW) Terminals.

Recommended for soldering

Extra Long Away (XA) Terminals and Vertical switch terminals

Suitable for Vertical Mounting into a PCB