IL P20 Potentiometer

1 Amp. IL rotary switch mounted on a P20 metal can potentiometer, spindle axis is mounted horizontal to the printed circuit board (pcb)

Switch Specification:

  • Contact rating: 1A/24V DC
  • Contact rating 1A 250V AC Resistive Load
  • Proof voltage: 3KV min.
  • Housing material: Glass filled nylon
  • Contact gap: 1mm (and without a surge rating)
  • Mechanical rotation: 300°
  • Life: 10,000 (maximum) operations at rated load
  • Operating Torque: 2-5 cNm


PC20BU/PC1S:         BR20SP/PC1S:

BR20SP/PC1S Switch Potentiometer Photo

Printed Circuit (PC) Terminals

Bracketed (BR) Switch with PC Terminals. No Bush Fixing.

Ordinary Wiring (OW) Terminals.

Recommended for soldering

Bracket Mount (BR)

With (PC) Terminals