ECO Single

Image Representative of range, Datasheets below

Rated Power Dissipation @40°C for ECO potentiometers:

0.25W linear law
0.12W non linear law
Conductive polymer (plastic) resistive element (over twice the life of carbon tracks)

Effective rotation: 265° nominal

Operating Torque: 0.4 – 1.5 cN.m

Permissible Axial Spindle Load: 50 N (5 Sec. maximum)
Permissible Torque at End Stop: 35 cN.m
Rotation angle: 300° ±5°
Click stop (indents) for rotational tactile feedback
Rotational torque of spindle can be made high or low

Life Expectancy of >20,000 cycles (tested at 30 times per minute)

Insulation Resistance: >= 4 Gohms

Rated Resistance: E3 Series

Optional: E6 Series
Linear Law: 1K – 1M
Non linear Law: 4K7 – 470K

A = Initial termination
S = Wiper (or moving contact) termination
E = End termination

For connecting to a Printed Circuit (PC) Board

Ordinary Wiring (OW) recommended for hand soldering.

Terminals are Long bent and away (LA) from the spindle

Terminals are Long bent Towards (LT) the spindle

Bracket (BR) with Terminals for Printed Circuit Board